We’re made to remember, we’re made to forget.

Today I met the mother of boy and girl twins, who has an older daughter almost exactly as much older than her twins as the Pea Princess is older than ours. Her twins, however, were only five months old and oh boy did that bring back some bad memories.


The interesting thing was.

The memories were not as bad as I know the times really were… Good ol’ Mother Nature doing her job, I guess.

So I thought I would post this up, as a blurry pic of my blurry memories, another of the Pea Princess’ photographs of a photograph.

The original was taken on holiday in Pearl Beach when our babies were about the same age as the twins I held today. Of course, since mine were both ‘normal’ birthweight (about 7 pounds each PLUS two placentas, feel it ladies, feel it) – by the time they were a jolly five months of age they were double the size of these other twins at the same age.

They were pretty cute really, and we loved them then as we loved them now. Funny how that part stays sharp when all the ugly bits go blurry, ain’t it?