Look what we made!

Mum, Dad and baby makes five

Jasper Andrew
about 1 hour old

Jasper Andrew, meet Buzz Blue-eyes,
the bestest big brother in the universe.

First cuddles with OggaBoy – the biggest brother of all –
note Oscar’s eyeline not swaying from the TV above my bed which,
at the time was broadcasting the movie ScoobyDoo.
Priorities people. Priorites.

There will – naturally – be a much more lengthy post with details of waters breaking, driving myself and children to hospital, “Labour – from 5cm to birth in 35 minutes”, what they really mean by the term ‘2nd degree tear’ and the truth behind the statement, “you have a really sucky baby” and how it links directly to “my God my nipples hurt”.

But the boy – the cutest baby in the known universe – is showing he is gifted already by spending much of the day in various stages of either being awake or seeing just how far he can drag my nipples down the back of his throat and night posting is well, not going to happen for some time as really, as that sun sets, there isn’t anything keeping me from my bed.