when a half becomes a whole

As I indulged the minutae of life by watching the first instalment of the latest America’s Next Top self-obsessed supertroll (I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this show and all the hideousness it represents in remarkably shallow bitchy I’ve-come-from-a-hard-life-where-my-mom-didn’t-buy-me-everything-I-wanted subculture of American women) you’re gonna make me have to THINK???

Far out.

What about the following options:
a) Two women, six kids. You work it out.
b) Tired, cranky and mildly obsessive. . . two women striking that work/life balance
c) Two women over thirty, six kids under ten. . . going mad since 1998.
d) Glamorouse: when well educated intelligent women go bad.
e) Glamorouse: when looking good means the clothes are clean.
f) Glamorouse: sleep deprived since 1998.
g) Glamorouse: when a good night out is really a good nights sleep.

just a starting point.