baby talk…again.

Those who have read the early posts on this site or simply just know the kind of humour and things from which I draw great amusement, know that Snarkywood and Go Fug Yourself are two of my most favourite things in the world. For me, a day without a fix of GFI is a sad day indeed.

But Snarkywood has a special place, simply because I was introduced to it first. There is something so reassuring – and fun – in knowing there are other women who get as much enjoyment from reading something about Plain Old Batshit Crazy Whitney (see also Downward spiral Britney, Celine Dion, Our Hate Will Go On and Nicole Kidman is so damn fat) as much as this.

Anyway, the other reason I love Snarkywood (even though the last few months they’ve been a bit hit and miss in regularity and lugh-out-loudness) is that one of the awesome chicks behind it is Amy (the one who gave us THOSE EYES. THOSE BIG DEAD EYES) and Amy is having a baby. As in, now. In fact she may have had it. This is very exciting and while she has (I think) got to the full overcooked zone, I’m like wishing to go out in sympathy. I know it won’t happen because this kid is just kicking around inside to crack the 10pound mark and make sure a I REALLY notice it on the way out.

Anyway, good luck Amy and may my uterus follow your lead.