Not much to say

There are times when there doesn’t seem that much to say, when your day has flown so fast, you have been so busy and all the rest that there just hasn’t been time for your brain to dwell on the things you normally do (Note to self: so this is what my shrink means about work being good for the brain – because it stops you from thinking. Of course!) so there just doesn’t seem like much to pass judgement/make comment on. Which is of course the reason I am here posting…

A story about Felix’s day
M: How was your day today buddy?
F: Today was good and bad.
M: Tell me about the good bits first.
F: It was good playing with Liam, playing heads down thumbs up in class and the numbers game.
(wandering discussion on heads down thumbs up and general incredulity that I played it when I was at school. once more, no Felix when I was little it wasn’t the olden days and everything wasn’t in black and white.)
M: So what were the bad bits?
F: It was bad playing because Jake threw a big stick at me, because he was the baddie when we were playing the Fantastic Four. Jake’s the bady, I’m the bendy one, Liam’s the rock, Sam’s fire and Luca is the invisible woman.
M: How does Luca feel playing the invisible woman (he is a boy afterall)
F: He likes it, because he gets to disappear (Oh, the simplicity of childhood games)

the reason for telling the above, apart from its general wholesome playground cuteness, is that, if these boys are anything like other boys who have grown up on the northern beaches and become tradies together, this will be a GREAT 18th or 21st story, particularly for Luca’s Mum…

PS – I know I should quit while ahead, but tonight was my latest Midwife checkup. As some would have deduced, last night I had some spotting/bleeding/pinkness issues at a toilet stop. I am quite a consistent spotter during pregnancy and after a high risk pregnancy of bed rest and anal muscle relaxant suppositories, it takes a lot for me to get anxious about these sorts of things. The incubus was still kicking up a storm, so I wasn’t particularly perturbed, although desperate for a day off would have loved to use the grown-up woman’s closest excuse to getting your period in high school to get out of PE. Alas, too much work, too many deadlines. Anyway, I relayed all this to the midwife tonight and she raised the possibility it was rectal. That’s right people, from pelvic congestion, vulval varicose veins to rectal bleeding. And people wonder why educated, successful, financially independent women are choosing not to have kids… (its not by the way, as there’s light pinkness once more tonight and its not from that area… I checked. Naturally.)