Childlike wonder

The title’s just a ruse. This is really about childlike lust objects. Well, OK, teenage ones then.

Along with the mighty husband AB who’s height, sparkly eyes and cheeky grin get me every single time, there’s the original, Robbie (Williams that is. Linda, you can relax) and a few other men in the world who I can quite readily daydream about. (As opposed to my normal tendency to daydream on just who will lead Labor out of the wilderness, water supply issues, channeling my hatred of Howard and Costello inot more positive energies and the like). Sure they’re cliched lust objects but hey, a girls got a right to her fantasies…

Brad… sigh.

CREDIT: HFPA / RETNA from People

Jake… (just ignore skinny on-again gf Kirsten)


And that will do for today…