feel the love as I dig dig dig …

Well by now its fairly obvious that my mindset and mood this week hasn’t been as cheery or upbeat as per usual. This is due to a number of factors, some long-standing buried bone type issues and others more current and – naturally – relating the the offspring.

It was confirmed for us this week that Oscar will need botox and splints (yes, the shot for his mum jokes are running thick and fast) for his precious little chicken legs. Apparently the foot-rolling issue is ‘significant’ for his age and will become physically inhibiting and quite painful if untreated. I wish there was a scale to measure than pain on the pain of having to wear modern-version planks of wood on your legs like a modern day polio child through an Australian summer and childhood.

You know my biggest undoing – not that he has to have them, but that I have to try and explain it to him. Those stunning, sparkly, innocent eyes just look at me in complete trust and security. And I know he’s going to wake from a general with his planks on and be so utterly devestated – and then look at me with the stunning sparkly sad eyes that crush my soul in an instant. We were also informed that tendon surgery will be unavoidable, and that the botox and planks are just a good trial to show that the surgery would be successful. Somewhere in my head I get that logic, but its buried deep deep deep down.

But buried alongside it is the knowledge that, as this child does on a daily basis, he will adjust with good humour, grace and charm to this latest load. Teaching me to not sweat, wallow or cry on and over such matters as all he really wants is:
– us to love him no matter what
– someone to go with him for a walk and scooter ride
– someone to pat and sing him to sleep
– unlimited access to continual episodes of Kim Possible, Lilo & Stitch and American Dragon
– that the television never to be off Channel 35 except for The Simpsons or a Cowboy & Indian movie ideally featuring lots of shoot-outs and horse riding, gun totin’ real men.
– as many weapons, preferably guns, and even better,ones that make noise and have lights in or on them as we will allow
– for everyone to be present and accounted for
– chocolate at least once a day
– and ice-cream with sprinkles and/or topping every night.

Other buried bones that are breaking the surface of my brain at the moment include:
– as noble and virtuous as Petro Georgiou, Judy Moylan, Bruce Baird and Russell Broadbent may be appearing at the moment – http://smh.com.au/articles/2005/06/16/

I can’t help wondering why now? Safely ensconced in their electoral seats for another three years, safe in the knowledge that very soon their party will have absolute power, they suddenly come over all concerned and virtuous? Get real. How easy it is to look impassioned and dedicated when there’s a virtual guarantee what you are fighting for will not happen and/or change anything. How noble we look when defeated. Where was their outrage and concern when it mattered and could have done something?

– what has happened to the investigative bones of our newspapers – how How HOW can it be that in this day and age the appalling occurrences and culture running detention centres has been left to run its poisonous course for SO many years. This stuff should have been front page every.single.day for the last few years.

– where is the outrage and concern over Chen Yonglin – http://smh.com.au/articles/2005/06/11/

and the SPINLESS behaviour of our Government in response??? Snaps to the Journos forum on Richard Glover last night (
http://www.abc.net.au/sydney/richardglover/) who really gave the govt what’s what about standing up to bullies and in doing so recognising the HUMAN RIGHTS of these people.
They also made the very pertinent comment that if it had been someone from Syria or Iran the government would have been all over them like the worst kind of love rash.

So… Bec, come and rub up against me as I seem to be harbouring enough rage for all at the moment…