• Whoever put chocolate and peanut butter together must be knighted
  • Packet macaroni and cheese is THE best
  • I loved Temptation Island
  • I watch Big Brother just to see real-people nudity – as opposed to airbrushed famous person nudity
  • Reality TV is the best thing to hit the small screen
  • I miss the Dynamic Hypnotics and their highpants
  • I liked Jack and Jill
  • I am addicted to Will and Grace
  • I own every Kasey Chambers CD and know all the words
  • Australian and American Idol are neck-and-neck the best television programs on air
  • I cheered when Casey Donovan won and bought her album
  • I love Fantasia – the American Idol not animation classic
  • I love big band show tunes
  • America’s Next Top Supermodel should be compulsory viewing for every sociology and psychology student worldwide.
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