Hmm another binge night last night. Bad. Wonder why? Not connected to hormones at the moment. That’s still two weeks away. Weird.

Met up with old workmate this morning about prospect of working together with a guy setting up a food magazine. V v exciting. If that comes off I will be one very happy camper.

Caught the jetcat to work as was in Manly for the meeting. There is something wonderous about being on the water on the way to work (that may be in poor taste considering what happening in NYC yesterday). Feeling the water under you, seeing Sydney flesh out before you, the bridge, the buildings, the opera house, it fills me with a sense of promise, of expectation that something good will happen today. Nice.

Oscar and I were mucking around this morning with his doona as he wet the bed again last night and I needed to wash the corner of it. I pulled it as he was standing on it and it fell over, hurting his foot. Poor little mite, it was still really sore when AB was taking him to kindy, so I made him take him to the GP who then made him go and have it xray-ed. Bloody hell, will our world ever be free of some drama or another? Anyway, am yet to hear of whether he’s cracked a bone in his foot or its just a tissue tear. Feely v. bad that it was my fault. poor kid.

Anyway, am leaving work early to drop AB at work and pick him up, so will see how he is fairing. Might involve an icecream stop off to ease my guilt and his pain…not for me thought, ice cream makes me puke and I don’t need any incentive in that zone at the moment.