So tired today. Got my tax bill yesterday. $13,000. That’s right, 13 THOUSAND. We have $1 in the bank so I’m not sure how or where we’re going to pay it from, but there you go. That on top of me soon being out of this regular freelance gig I’ve had that has paid quite good money. And Christmas. Excellent.

I’m trying to be positive, really I am, its just, well, demoralising.

Food today – bowl of my home-made granola with sheeps milk yoghurt (only just discovered this and YUM – less strong in taste than goats milk variety). Cup of tea, slice of fruit toast, with butter – unintentional but was there as Felix didn’t eat it.

Lunch – left over sausage on bread roll with caremalised onions and two bits of a Baker’s Delight savory twist. Way too much carbohydrate going on today, but think it relates to brain and emotional stress re finances…

Haven’t swum since last Wednesday and am missing it, also trying to start jogging in the mornings, but have been to tired to do that too. Hmmm, not a good record hey. Let’s aim for a jog tonight after the boys are in bed.

Weekend was good – our 6 year anniversary – it was a downer as we were so tired, AB worked all day Saturday, so I made some nice pasta dishes and we sat in front of the tele with the boys!! But then Sunday redeemed it with dinner at the pub and a movie – American Splendour.

Wow- just realised I wrote all about that in an earlier post. Spin out. See, that’s where my head is at.

I really feel like chocolate.