Children wake up as light creeps in around the corners of the blind. I wonder if there will ever be a black out blind that truly blacks out all light. I’m sure those alive during old fashioned world wars would understand. Those wars when all countries involved were affected – not just one specifically because its leader is a bully or it has lots of natural resources bigger bully-countries want.

Crying quite angrily now. Why don’t they come in here instead of just crying out for me – its daytime, there are no monsters. Oh body aching as I sit up. Hair scratchy, eyes itchy. Hmm, is that thrush? Way overdue for pap smear too, better make appointment soon – smirk to myself – just after I make the appointment with the dentist for the three crowns I need and the optometrist for the first check-up in almost four years. Yeah right.

I’m coming, Mummy’s coming.

Still he sleeps. Bastard.

Boys up, boys happy. Smothering me in kisses and cuddles. Pulling me under their doonas in a morning ritual I wonder I will ever tire of. Would much rather be still asleep in my own bed, but this is fun, sort of.